Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painful love

How much I love you
How much I miss you
Wish you would understand
Wish you would know
Wish you could see
Could you believe?
Could you understand?
Feeling hurt and pain
That you could never see
How hard I try to show you
That I love you
Even if you could never know....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Through the years
Wishing and Wanting
Finally the moment
To look forward to
Sharing souls
lighting up my life
with the sweet sound
of the tiny feet.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


All my life I've been waiting for you
You're what I've always wanted
I waited for so long

If I were to lose you
I just don't know
What I would do
My everyday would be empty
Each and every second
There would be no more reason
For me to go on
Life would be empty
Alive but dead inside
Lonely and sad
I would be missing
each and every moment
that we shared together
the happiness and the sadness
You mean so much to me
I know I cant find anyone else
Who would love me like you did

Just thinking about it
Brings tears to my eyes
Breaks my heart into thousands of pieces
All I know is I love you so much
And I would rather die
If I were to lose you........

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Putting up a Facade

So perfect just so that

No one may see

The pain,The hurt

All that gone

Disappear when

I dream of you

Thinking of you

Cannot even think

How to start

To even explain

What i feel

A thousand sunrises

Could never seem to

So much sweetness

This love,slowly draining whats

Left of me

Come darling,

You have all i need

You are the one I want

So just let me

Be close to you

Feel our hearts

Beating as one

For this heart knows

None other than you

Wants none other than you

Needs none other than you

Nights spent

Just thinking of you

Moments spent

Just wanting you

Needing you

All this heart ever want

Is to be with you

Crying for your love

Wanting your love

All I need is you


Monday, May 26, 2008


How do I explain
My love for you
All these feelings
That I have for you
Every time i try
Words wont form
Mind goes blank
Nights spent in your thoughts
All through the day
Constantly thinking of you
Is how spend the day
In memories of you
All I know is
These feelings
Of love is
Only for you